Jul 23

Splash Factory Grand Prairie

Today another Mother and I took 7 children to the Splash Factory here in Grand Prairie. It is a wonderful water venue and is dirt cheap.  It is interactive and there are no bodies of water, mostly just fountains coming out of the ground and through hoops and about every 30 seconds, out of a pelicans mouth.  The children had a wonderful time.

Jul 15

Books I Love

I am a connoisseur of children’s books.  I have a lot of them and I am always buying new ones.  If anyone EVER wants a list of best children’s books, just ask me, I’ll try to limit it to about 30 but am easily able to go way over that. One author I recently became aware of was John Rocco.  He has illustrated books  for the likes of Whoopi Goldberg and Rick Riordan’s multi-million copy Percy Jackson & The Olympians.  His illustrations are phenomenal!  My favorite of the ones I currently have is Moonpowder.  It’s a wordy book for the really young ones but the pictures captivate the preschool age. After I read the story when the kiddos lay down for their naps I sprinkled my own homemade moon powder on them for sweet dreams.  Here’s a sample of the book.

Jul 10

Exciting New Cookbook & Recipes

I have subscribed to Kidstir, a cookbook subscription service geared to children.  I love it because they have healthy recipes the children can make.  They start by sending you a cookbook and then every month send several new recipes along with some neat little kitchen gadgets. This month is making healthy beverages.  We made our own orange fizzy pop.

Jul 02

New Musical Instruments

I found on good old Craig’s list the other day a full sized electronic keyboard so I decided to get it for the children. It’s pretty neat in that if they get to the point they want to learn to read the music it has a display along with proper hand placement for the keys.  Right now they are just enjoying playing it.  They were doing some of the stuff our music teacher has taught them about fast and slow beat and high and low notes.

Jun 26

No Not More Rain!

Well today it is Thursday and it is the 1st day this week it has not rained.  And by rain I mean RAIN, as in about 3 inches in the last few days, at least.  So you get creative in bringing out the “Rainy Day Toys”.  Play dough is always a good rainy day medium to bring out. They can play for hours with play dough. They roll out pancakes, hot dogs, peas, you name it.  LaNiya was thinking cool thoughts, she made a snowman.

Jun 16

Splash Time 2014

Well after a few rain outs we have officially started our splash time for summer.  It’s one of the ways you can tolerate the Texas heat  and have fun.

Jun 09

No Not Rain

What do you do when it’s pouring outside and you just all got back together after a weeks vacation. This is how we chase away the rainy day blues.

Jun 09

Fingerpainting Is Fun

We love to fingerprint here at daycare and now even the youngest ones, which are 21 months, can join in the fun.

May 13

Making Homemade Pasta

One of the favorite cooking experiences for the children is making homemade pasta.  I have a pasta machine and they measure and add the ingredients and get to watch it mix and then extrude, which is always the word of the day when we do this. They then get to cut the pasta at (hopefully) the appropriate length with a butter knife.  Today Charles added the karate  HiYaa.… to it so that will now be a part of cutting the pasta I’m sure.

May 13

Baby Ducks

About 1 or 2 months ago I noticed on our walks to the lake that the female ducks were absent.  I told the children I thought they may me sitting on eggs.  Sure enough about 2 weeks ago along came Mama duck and (then )7 babies. I pointed them out to the children and they were soooo……… excited.  Mind you, I have gone through 50 lbs. of deer corn and about a dozen boxes of corn flakes to help support our neighborhood ducks.  The next opportunity to see them 2 days later we saw only 5 and soon after 4.  The children didn’t notice too much and we didn’t talk about the circle of life or predators.  We are still holding steady at 4, hopefully, after yesterdays storm blew through.

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