Apr 03

Making Bread – The Old Fashioned Way

I love to cook with the children.  They are always more willing to eat something they have had a hand in making.  It is also adding math and science to their skills as well as socialization, taking turns, cooperation, I could go on and on. When we make bread we do it the old fashioned way, mix it, knead it, and let it rise. Here are my little helpers.

Mar 03

Valentines Day 2014

The children always have fun making their containers for Valentines treats and we talk about why we celebrate Valentines Day and we make cards for Mommies.  I have the children sit down n a circle to pass out cards and treats and help them pass them out 1 at a time.  Of course some of the younger ones don’t always want to give the treat they brought away.

Mar 03

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday 2014

We always have so much fun celebrating Dr. Seuss’s  birthday every March 3rd.  I have so many cute Cat In The Hat, Lorax, Thing One and Thing Two, and Horton crafts I have a hard time choosing which to do.  Plus there are so many fun recipes to try for Green Eggs and Ham and crazy mixed up cake we could make it last a whole week.  Here are the children with their Cat In The Hat masks. They had green hamburgers for lunch and green eggs for snack.

Feb 19

Crazy Hair Day

Today was crazy hair day.  Some of the boys have very short hair so couldn’t do much, some of the Moms did great, some of the Dads forgot to tell Mom (woops we won’t say who) and some just left it to me to do, or didn’t do it at all, which translates to I get to do it.

Feb 07

It’s Snowing

Sometimes when you do childcare in your home the weather really makes you stick inside.  Yesterday it started snowing in the morning so after breakfast I told the children we were going to go outside and catch snowflakes on our tongues.  They were very excited because we haven’t been outside all week due to this cold snap moving through Texas. Here we are catching snowflakes.

Jan 27

Christmas Party

We always have a Christmas party where the parents are presented with a gift their child has made and they perform some Holiday songs.  The children always pick out recipes and make goodies for the party also, they really love that.  It’s a time for the parents to kick back and talk and not the usual hurried” Hi how are you” with other parents.  Here is a look into the 2013 party.

Jan 27

Making Edible Christmas Trees

This was a new craft this year and the children LOVED it.  Quite simply you get the sugar ice cream cones, add green food coloring to white frosting and have a box of Trix, (not something I normally have in my childcare). They had so much fun making these, possibly even ate some of the Trix and frosting.

Dec 17

Old Fashioned Christmas Countdown Chains

I made these Christmas countdown chains when I was a child, my children and daycare children made them when they were young and I will probably always

have children make them.  It is old fashioned fun.  Plus it helps give them practice on their cutting skills and counting skills and really helps them realize how very long away Christmas really is so they won’t ask you 20 times a day when Christmas is coming.  We usually make them when Christmas is about 2 to 3 weeks away and they take them home and cut off one strip every day.

Nov 06

Halloween Bugs Good Enough To Eat

This Halloween I saw this cute idea to make your own edible bug treats, and fairly healthy ones at that.  What your about to see is bugs made out of dates, chinese noodles and white chocolate chips.  My plan was to have every child make 3 or 4 and end up taking a few home.

Oct 16

New Educational Toys I Love

Every once in a while you run across a toy that is so much fun the children don’t know they are learning on several different levels and here I will share a recent aquisition I made.  The children love it.  It teaches proper letter formation, is great for hand eye coordination,  and small motor skills.  If you are interested in it , it can be purchased from a website called The Grommet.


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